How did I become a better writer?

I started blogging at a mere age of 13 and at 22, I am not the best but definitely a better writer. I have been able to explore different genres, published on different platforms, and happened to build a successful mailing list. This piece presents the things that I learnt in last few years.

I preach what I practice!

My idea of writing is to write what I feel. I like to write a story and not gyaan! Being a writer is more about being an observer and honestly, writing is just 1% of being a writer and rest is all observation. Before I start any new piece, I ask myself two questions:

i) What will I like to know on this topic?
ii) How will I like to know about this topic?

Based on the research, I use Google Keep to take notes from the references. Once through, I write down the structure of the piece in my diary. (Framing the structure on paper helps brain recollect the concept while writing)

I do not know a lot hence I write shorter sentences

One of the reasons why I started writing was that I found a lot of people preaching unrelated things. Added to it, the gyaan was served in a cuisine of longer sentences and fancy cutlery. Often, I would lose the track midway in a 3 lines long sentence with poor punctuation. End result? I left reading those writers and moved on! Hence, when I started to write, I ensured that I preach only what I practice. What did I practice? “Write shorter sentences!”

When I write, I do not speak!

Rather, I interact! I find no difference in the role of an emcee and a writer. But the person on the stage has an edge over the man holding the pen. What exactly? He gets the live audience feedback and the other does not! As a writer, my live feedback comes as a clap on Medium an upvote on Quora, or as an email. (Un)luckily, every clap or upvote is earned.

How does one earn it? By engaging the reader in his writeup, not speaking to him! (Help me earn few on this piece, if you genuinely appreciate it!)

How do I interact?

i) Ask Questions. Do you understand?
ii) Do not share gyaan! Explain the complex things with analogies from surroundings. You are more of an observer than a writer, remember?
iii) Leave CTA (Call To Action) towards the end of your text! (Lookout for the CTA towards the end of this text)

Create Value with content

When I read longer sentences, I felt robbed. When I read click-bait, I felt cheated. When I started to write, I refused to be a con to my reader for investing their time in my content. I always intend to help the reader take home a skill, new fact, or a thought. Did you take home any thought from this text?

Here comes your CTA *wink*: If you want to learn more about becoming a better writer or wish to know details about my mailing list, feel free to connect at

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